Wednesday, January 05, 2005


back in the saddle

Holy motherfucker. Best vacation of my life. Spent the first part of my break in Cali with the fam - ended up banging 3 chicks I know from home but who thankfully don't know each other. Rode that hot street all the way to St. Barts for New Years where I randomly met up with this apple I know from New York. Saw her on the beach on new years eve, ended up meeting up with her again late night and sealed the deal.

Got back to my place two days ago to find that Oaks has purchased a brand new plasma tv and a full jockey outfit that was laid out on his bed. Fucking jockey? Who knows what is new with that guy. He's enroute to NY now so I'll let you know later.

Sorry for not posting in a while...obviously I was busy. Should be back to normal now.

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