Monday, December 06, 2004



It is fucking mind blowing how much yum-yum you can get in this city - simply by throwing a little coin around and having an outrageous suite at the W. Oh - and a little bit of Coke doesn't hurt either. Saturday night I fell in love. And then out.

So i'm out at Luger's with my buddy Boz. You gotta know something about Boz - met him in prep chool - the kid was an alcoholic at 14. Got into the white stuff and was ealing by 17 - now he's sober but you couldn't tell it if you didn't now him. the kid is out of hand at all times. We get to the restaurant ast night - we're sitting there drinking our jack and boz is telling me about this chick he's been banging at his parent's penthouse the last couple weeks while they been out of town. He starts making pumping movements at the table, pumping his chair, fucking breaking down every position he's been in with this broad. amazing. everyone is looking at us. fucking riot.

from there we had a little formal holiday party at our friend CW's place on CPW. where one of my long time ex-girlfriend is holding court at the bar with her batch of overweight friends. fucking disgusting what 4 years of i-banking will do to a girl - and you thought college was bad??? Freshman 15? How bout the Goldman Sachs 40 - fucking pathetic. Anyway, i'll make a long story short - boz and I secure a suite at the W and take this party back there where things get out of hand. I don't know how Boz keeps up, being sober and all - but there he is life of the party, still pumping objects in the hotel room getting some serious mileage off of his story. I end up in the jacuzzi with my ex (cliche) but she's so smacked out of her head that she doesn't even care that her friend SJ climbs on in. I've always had a thing for her. I'll leave that to another post...but what a night. At 10 am the next day room service wakes me up as Boz is watching TV and chain smoking in a robe, reading the Times, and eating steak and eggs...hilarious.

I'm in and out this week - i got a trip to see some friends out in LA and then i'm stopping in chitown on thursday on the way back...


- i'm trying to get this separate login thing going for DC and I - any ideas on how to do it? leave a comment. thanks - we're both new at this Blog thing.

Hi, guys. I'm guessing southforkguys is Dylan's user name. If you want to change it to just 'Dylan' you can do that in Edit User Profile, and change 'Display Name'. To add Oaks as a user, with his own username, open up the 'dashboard'. Click on the 'settings' tab, and then select 'members'. Click on the orange box on the right - 'add team members' - and enter Oaks' email address. Blogger will send him an email invitation to join, and he then follows the prompts to set up his own account, with access to the southforks site. Now, when you post something to the blog, it will say at the bottom "posted by..." whatever the user name is. I hope this helps. Meanwhile I'm getting quite an education from your blog. I don't know if it's the sort of knowledge that will do me any good, but University was never this morbidly fascinating, so I'll be back. I feel like one of those sick people who slow down as they pass a car wreck. I simply have to see...
Thanks Trish
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