Friday, December 03, 2004



First of all let me set the record straight - I would never set foot in Tavern on the Green - you'll have to excuse DC - he's what we call "Nouveau Riche."
Spent Thanksgiving weekend with my cousins at our family spot in Vail. Nothing too obscene to report, but I did have a swanky run-in Saturday night with a couple of skanks that claimedto go to Dartmouth. Bored with my cousin's outrageous Coke habit, I decide to take these 2 back from the Bar to our hot tub for a little action. Even in my f'ed up state I make the right choice of the 2 and quickly start going at it in the tub while the other one watches. Boring, except for when the chick starts blowing me in the tub and I glance up to see a look of absolute horror on the fatty - so I flipped her the bird while her friend didn't skip a beat.
Vail was boring.


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