Wednesday, December 08, 2004



Uneventful night last night for the most part - my cousin and I hit the Westwood bar scene and spent our time hitting on suspecting co-eds. Nothing much to note, other than the fact that the scene sucked (though I think finals had started or were about to start), and my cousin and myself ended up passing out in the lounge of one of the freshman dorms. That brought back memories...

Flying back with a pit-stop in Chitown tomorrow - weather is still iffy out here, so haven't gotten to do much outside of nursing my hangover today with some In and Out Burger.

My father owns a share in a Citation Jet so I flew that out here and will be flying it back. Now I haven't flown commercial since right after 9/11, but I can imagine it's little better than it was then. Flying private is the way to go obviously. I was passed out on Bloody mary's by the time we were wheels up in Teterboro. I plan on doing the same on the return. I'll be out on the town tonight with some friends from prep school - and I'll be trolling for hot chicks to invite back on the plane - never had much success at that game - return flight always does me in, but I guess I would have to let them use the plane to fly back? If I run into anyone worthy I may consider that option, though not sure I could swing it without Pops finding out...

What a boring trip

Highlights - late night dorm fun, pretentious LA girls who are about 2 months behind the NYC fashion curve and who are about 2 months ahead of the NYC feeding curve, the flight, watching my cousin strike out repeatedly. Chitown meeting is business in nature - I'll provide more details into what it is "I do" in a future post...

till then


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