Monday, December 06, 2004



Spent yesterday with Mom and Pops doing the NYC Christmas shopping scene. They flew in on Saturday from LA. My Dad, as usual, was in peak form. Background on the Capote family - my Dad's side of the family doesn't come from money originally - his Dad was a steelworker and my Dad had it rough growing up, but he made his way through Harvard and B-school at UChicago and now he basically just lives off the investments. My Mom comes from hella-cash and so there is always a one-ups-manship between my Dad and my Mom's father (who makes Hugh Hefner look like an amateur) - for another post though. Anyway, yesterday my Dad shared with me his new favorite pastime - not flying commercial. Apparently he has this new ijet service that basically just ferries you around in these private jets. Oaks (as I'm SURE he'll tell you when he reads this) hasn't flown commercial in years...maybe ever. My folks were staying at the St. Regis so we grabbed an early dinner there and that was pretty much the day.

I needed the sleep though because tonight I'm headed to the f-ing ballet with this sweet little apple named Marissa (her choice on the ballet, not mine). Anyway, I got set up with this girl by a friend from work who knows her old man...apparently she is half Swiss half British and all body. I'm sure the night will take me for 5 large but hopefully there will be a happy ending. I gotta go take a shit and make a trade....


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