Friday, December 03, 2004


Thurs recap

Holy Ramadan what a night….Oaks and I got completely Knickerbockered last night. The night started rather tamely…there were plenty of chicks around, but we didn’t feel like talking to any of them right away. Flash forward to about seven Johnny Blue and Diets later and one of these chicks comes up and asks Oaks where he got his jacket…which of course he didn’t “got” anywhere, since it was tailored for him like many of his clothes. Anyhow, it was obviously a lame excuse for them to talk to us, but we obliged them anyway. A few drinks later we’re all in a gypsy back to their place (they lived obnoxiously high up into the upper west side) and its pretty obvious that both the OakTrain and myself are gonna ride tonight. Basically it was standard from there on out. Oaks took the brunette (no surprise) and I actually dabbled into the Orient with this other chick. We were out of there by 4 and seemed to be headed for at least a few hours sleep until Oaks absolutely INSISTED that we get steaks….so we kicked it to this steak house (which shall remain nameless since they were “closed”) where Oaks knows the manager and we ate 150 dollar filets. The chances of us calling these chicks are slim….my girl programmed her number into my phone but I changed the name to Call For BJ. I ended up getting 3 hours sleep (sleep is for wimps), and was in the office by 8. Today at work I’ve decided I’m going to make as much money as possible in the Japanese market, just as a tribute to last night, then I’m gonna blow it all later tonight on booze. just another night with the South Fork Guys I guess?

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