Thursday, December 16, 2004


Stories from Vegas...vol. 1

So Vegas was amazing as usual. Got the royal treatment at the Palms, and the flights out and back were probably the most fun part really. I'll spare you most of the details as it was a fairly average trip - with one decent story. So we are gambling one night down at the Hard Rock, and we hit it off with this group of chicks in town for a bachlorette party and who are staying at the HR. Now I'm on a hot streak at the Craps table - up a few g's, but my attention is diverted to this little hard-body in the b-party - i think they were in town from Colorado?

Anyway, to make a long story short, I end up back in her room at the HR and things are going fairly well. Now for one of my proudest moments in recent memory:

She's going down on me right? And I must have said something witty/disgusting/funny, but I can't quite remember what I said, but let's just say the timing coincided with a choice she had to make about what to do with a little present i'd just given her. Anyway, she chortles and starts laughing, resulting in one of my proudest moments. As she choked and laughed, the salty man-bath starts to come out of her noise and run down her face...

My friends, in the tradition of the dirty sanchez, the cleveland steamer, and the jelly donut, I had just achieved the slightly less exciting first cousin of this group...


sorry for the raunchy material, but thought this one was worth telling...

home for the holidays


Well there's a mental image that's going to be difficult to erase. Eeewww. Yes, I think I actually feel like I might throw up.

Next time, warn me.
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