Tuesday, December 07, 2004



Grabbed steaks with Cujo tonight after work (can you find a decent steak in the city for less than 50 bucks?) if so let me know. For those out there that don't know Cujo let me explain - Derek Kujawski, sits next to me at work. In between trades he shouts at his immigrant family in rapid fire Polish on the telephone, all the while dipping Copenhagen into this nasty coffee cup that he leaves for the cleaning people at the end of the day. He's got this longtime girlfriend, also Polish, who basically stays hidden in Queens, but Cujo has an absolutely undeniable weakness for classic American bimbos. Blonde, busty, dumb american bimbos. Hilarious habit to watch in person. Getting some sleep tonight - going to Atlanta tomorrow on business but just for one night.

At ease, DC

Where are you staying in Atlanta? Any plans?
staying downtown...getting drinks in buckhead tonight with friends...hopefully getting laid. why?
Just wondering... I live in Atlanta. You should go to Midtown rather than Buckhead... much nicer selection to choose from if plan holds up. Have a nice time. Y'alls blog is very entertaining, though a tad concerning to the nice southern girls like me.
D - kick Jimmy O in the balls for me will ya?
don't worry anon - the south fork guys (especially myself) have nothing but love for southern chicks...
Good to know, good to know. I'm sure you'll have a nice time. Be sure to post and let me know what sort of trouble you find.
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