Saturday, December 04, 2004


Of Mouse and Men

Wow. Things got completely out of hand last night - as expected. I'd let DC fill you all in, if I knew where he was. Last I remember he was sucking face with a prissy JAP in the corner of my boy Mouse's apartment. Smoked way too much, drank way too much. Gotta see what 10 Am feels like on a Saturday. Or Maybe not. Looks overrated.

One other thing from last night, we're at Mouse's and he's telling us this story from Thanksgiving weekend involving this chick he'd been working on for weeks. Turns out she's into a little bit of the ole ass play. Long story short, seh rips the anal beads out, homeboy shits on a tarp - end of story.

Only in New York

more later - have an important dinner tonight


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