Tuesday, December 14, 2004


NY (Vegas) Strip

Oaks did it again....he singlehandedly almost killed both myself and 2 of our friends over the weekend. Let me take you back to Thurs night...got drinks with Marissa and her crew...ended up sealing the deal with M, Oaks jingled with one of her friends...Cujo ended up getting slapped in the face by this other friend of Marissa's who was a complete bitch. Anyway....Oaks has been pushing a trip to AC lately, but then on Friday I'm at a meeting downtown and I get an urgent call from Oaks telling me that he's got his Dad's jet for the weekend and to meet him at Teterboro at 6pm.

So thats what happened: Me, Cujo and Mouse met Oaks at Teterboro and ended up flying to fucking Vegas. Got absolutely wrecked on the plane...end up partying at the Palms until 8am Vegas time. Vegas was silly as usual. Flew back late Sunday night...I might still be drunk from the weekend and its Tuesday. Sorry for the lack of stories...I just don't feel like typing.


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