Saturday, December 04, 2004



Just got back from my buddy Carlo's place. Quick background on Carlo (or the Dirty Chilean as I like to call him)....known him for years, our families used to go skiing together in St. Moritz. Anyway, he just bought a new 600 Benz...but he doesn't even have a license and never learned to drive. Kills me.

Anyway, Carlo exlusively associates with models, and he prides himself on it. Apparently I'm now headed to meet him at some post-photo shoot party in the Village. All the models I've banged have been coke-heads and mostly boring in the sack...but you never know right? Oaks has been awol for a few hours...he better have a story for me later. All I know is he left the apartment in a tuxedo saying he "had this thing to go to" but then came back 5 minutes later and grabbed 3 rubbers. You never know with that guy. Time to crack a beer....


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