Tuesday, December 07, 2004


last night

Very VERY intriguing night for the DC last night. As I mentioned earlier, I had the company of Marissa, who turned out to be just as hot as my buddy at work had described. Something about foreign chicks that really gets the juices flowing...its probably the accent, whatever it is it works. Best part about this chick, she didn't have any of that attitude that you usually find with foreign chicks...plus I could basically see down her dress which was this delightful little number that was, as they say in the magazines: Very Bergdorf.

Ballet was typical (isn't it always?) but we went and cozied up to some cocktails at this spot over near her place afterwards. I was on my very best behavior (but the dress was absolutely KILLING the DC). I wish I had a picture of it. Anyway we end up talking till about 1am at this spot at which point she says she had to go to work in the morning (she claims to work at an art gallery but judging from her address she either owns the gallery or is subsidized by her father). Long story short, we twiddle-tongues on her balcony, she tells me she wants her friends to party with my friends (can it get any easier than that?) and I'm home asleep by 2. Tentative plans call for myself, Mouse, Oaks, Boz, and my other buddy Cujo (who definitely deserves his own paragraph at some point) to meet up with Marissa and her crew on Friday.


ps - Almost forget to mention, got a call from Oaks at 4am (west coast time) telling me he just played naked croquet with some nanny in Newport Beach. I think he was joking, but i have no fucking clue what he was doing up at 4 am...that f-ing guy.

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