Friday, December 10, 2004


he shoots he scores

Wasabi sushi last night with Marissa, ended up back at her place on the Upper West. First of all, her place is sick. I'm not sure how (cause she works in a gallery), but she is living the good life. She's got 1/4 of the floor of the building, and a tv that would make any man proud. We ended up playing some tickle-me-elmo on her couch (did I mention I love foreign chicks?) until late into the night. Best part about it, she told me to leave because we both needed sleep. Highly evolved chick.

Tonight should be hot because me, Oaks, Cujo, Mouse and hopefully our other buddy Harper are meeting Marissa and her bitches out someplace for drinks. She assured me her girls are hot and love to party. Oaks is pushing for Atlantic City but I'm gonna try to keep him in check. Last time we went to AC I ended up losing 7 grand to some chinese guy in poker. Happy Friday....


If the collective noun for a group of women is "bitches", what do you call a group of men?
guess the imagination ran out...huh fellas..
Guess you're a boring fatty huh? I live my life offline, but thanks for the comment.
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