Tuesday, December 07, 2004



So i'm out in LA - specifically at my cousin's place in Manhattan Beach aka the Little Apple by the Sea. This weather is horseshit though - cloudy with rain off and on. Golfing is off, sailing is off. Right now i'm downing a sixer of Red Stripe while watching my cousin try to pick up this chick by playing some acoustic crap on his guitar. Pathetic. He's in school at UCLA, but I guess he doesn't attend classes - ripping one from the Oaks playbook at least. I think we're headed over that way tonight though for a little undergrad trolling...

If this weather keeps up I'll be flying back sooner rather than later

bored in the OC


i think i got this login thing figured out now

Why do you call women "apples"? Are you trying to create your own term? Cause I can't think of ANY reason why apple makes sense for a woman. You would think apple would be a super-derogatory term. Apple shaped things are never sexy.
anonymous -

it was a play on words - Manhattan being the big apple? Manhattan beach - the little apple?


you are worthless

- Oaks
I misread that particular post. But you and your blog-buddy constantly refer to women as apples on this blog.
not sure where we got apples from, been using it since college. -dc
Oaks - That wasn't very nice, what you said about Stephanie Klein's dress. You've written some offensive stuff here, which is perfectly acceptable because it's YOUR site and you make the rules. But when you go to someone else's site and write the sort of thing that you did, well, that fucking stinks. I'm enjoying reading about your exploits, offensive and otherwise, but what you did today has lowered my opinion of you a notch or two. I'm sure you couldn't give a fuck but, well, there it is.
Trish - being one of our loyal readers, I apologize for my crassness. It's not the first time, nor the last that i'll make that apology...point taken, but I call them like I see them.

That said, I really don't care what you think of me - trust me when I say I've pissed just a few broads in my day...I'm sure you can imagine
Yep, that's exactly what I thought you'd say. Deep down you have some morals, but there's lots to find in the fine print. You crack me up :-) Have fun in Atlanta. Can't wait to hear about it. - Trish.
(sorry... you're not the one in Atlanta... can't tell the two of you apart yet)
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