Thursday, December 09, 2004



Flew back this morning from Atlanta...almost barfed on the plane as I was incredibly hungover from last night. Ended up at some spot called Halo Lounge? I think. The evening was a blur. Met up with my buddy Tristan who was also in town visiting Emory B-School and we got absolutely smashed on goose and seltzers. The females at this bar were truly Grade A...we ended up convincing three of them to come back to my hotel...which was quite an accomplishment because my hotel was all the way out at the airport. 2 of us and 3 of them was looking like it could be a problem..but one of them passed out quite thankfully. I think my girls name was Jen? No chance she's reading this though. When I left this morning Tristan was getting into a 3 piece suit to go meet some prof at the B-school yet he absolutely REEKED of cigarettes. I give Atlanta an A+. Delta hooked up me up with a first class seat which did wonders for my hangover. Seeing Marissa tonight for round 2...we're doing sushi someplace. I need a coffee. -Dylan
D- glad you had fun in the ATL. Halo's fun, but you just have to be careful of the night... sometimes it's only for the boys. Funny you were hanging out with folks from my alma mater. Take care of yourself!
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