Wednesday, January 05, 2005


back in the saddle

Holy motherfucker. Best vacation of my life. Spent the first part of my break in Cali with the fam - ended up banging 3 chicks I know from home but who thankfully don't know each other. Rode that hot street all the way to St. Barts for New Years where I randomly met up with this apple I know from New York. Saw her on the beach on new years eve, ended up meeting up with her again late night and sealed the deal.

Got back to my place two days ago to find that Oaks has purchased a brand new plasma tv and a full jockey outfit that was laid out on his bed. Fucking jockey? Who knows what is new with that guy. He's enroute to NY now so I'll let you know later.

Sorry for not posting in a while...obviously I was busy. Should be back to normal now.

Sunday, December 19, 2004



Just got back from a 3 day trip to Rio-d....hadn't been there on business ever, fun town. Wish I partied more but we worked almost the whole time. Brazillian chicks are unrivaled though. Best of the best. Going to Hawaii on Wed to meet up with the fam. My ex is out there as well - should be interesting. Merry Christmas. - DC

Thursday, December 16, 2004


Stories from Vegas...vol. 1

So Vegas was amazing as usual. Got the royal treatment at the Palms, and the flights out and back were probably the most fun part really. I'll spare you most of the details as it was a fairly average trip - with one decent story. So we are gambling one night down at the Hard Rock, and we hit it off with this group of chicks in town for a bachlorette party and who are staying at the HR. Now I'm on a hot streak at the Craps table - up a few g's, but my attention is diverted to this little hard-body in the b-party - i think they were in town from Colorado?

Anyway, to make a long story short, I end up back in her room at the HR and things are going fairly well. Now for one of my proudest moments in recent memory:

She's going down on me right? And I must have said something witty/disgusting/funny, but I can't quite remember what I said, but let's just say the timing coincided with a choice she had to make about what to do with a little present i'd just given her. Anyway, she chortles and starts laughing, resulting in one of my proudest moments. As she choked and laughed, the salty man-bath starts to come out of her noise and run down her face...

My friends, in the tradition of the dirty sanchez, the cleveland steamer, and the jelly donut, I had just achieved the slightly less exciting first cousin of this group...


sorry for the raunchy material, but thought this one was worth telling...

home for the holidays


Tuesday, December 14, 2004


NY (Vegas) Strip

Oaks did it again....he singlehandedly almost killed both myself and 2 of our friends over the weekend. Let me take you back to Thurs drinks with Marissa and her crew...ended up sealing the deal with M, Oaks jingled with one of her friends...Cujo ended up getting slapped in the face by this other friend of Marissa's who was a complete bitch. Anyway....Oaks has been pushing a trip to AC lately, but then on Friday I'm at a meeting downtown and I get an urgent call from Oaks telling me that he's got his Dad's jet for the weekend and to meet him at Teterboro at 6pm.

So thats what happened: Me, Cujo and Mouse met Oaks at Teterboro and ended up flying to fucking Vegas. Got absolutely wrecked on the plane...end up partying at the Palms until 8am Vegas time. Vegas was silly as usual. Flew back late Sunday night...I might still be drunk from the weekend and its Tuesday. Sorry for the lack of stories...I just don't feel like typing.


Friday, December 10, 2004


he shoots he scores

Wasabi sushi last night with Marissa, ended up back at her place on the Upper West. First of all, her place is sick. I'm not sure how (cause she works in a gallery), but she is living the good life. She's got 1/4 of the floor of the building, and a tv that would make any man proud. We ended up playing some tickle-me-elmo on her couch (did I mention I love foreign chicks?) until late into the night. Best part about it, she told me to leave because we both needed sleep. Highly evolved chick.

Tonight should be hot because me, Oaks, Cujo, Mouse and hopefully our other buddy Harper are meeting Marissa and her bitches out someplace for drinks. She assured me her girls are hot and love to party. Oaks is pushing for Atlantic City but I'm gonna try to keep him in check. Last time we went to AC I ended up losing 7 grand to some chinese guy in poker. Happy Friday....


Thursday, December 09, 2004



Flew back this morning from Atlanta...almost barfed on the plane as I was incredibly hungover from last night. Ended up at some spot called Halo Lounge? I think. The evening was a blur. Met up with my buddy Tristan who was also in town visiting Emory B-School and we got absolutely smashed on goose and seltzers. The females at this bar were truly Grade A...we ended up convincing three of them to come back to my hotel...which was quite an accomplishment because my hotel was all the way out at the airport. 2 of us and 3 of them was looking like it could be a problem..but one of them passed out quite thankfully. I think my girls name was Jen? No chance she's reading this though. When I left this morning Tristan was getting into a 3 piece suit to go meet some prof at the B-school yet he absolutely REEKED of cigarettes. I give Atlanta an A+. Delta hooked up me up with a first class seat which did wonders for my hangover. Seeing Marissa tonight for round 2...we're doing sushi someplace. I need a coffee. -Dylan

Wednesday, December 08, 2004



Uneventful night last night for the most part - my cousin and I hit the Westwood bar scene and spent our time hitting on suspecting co-eds. Nothing much to note, other than the fact that the scene sucked (though I think finals had started or were about to start), and my cousin and myself ended up passing out in the lounge of one of the freshman dorms. That brought back memories...

Flying back with a pit-stop in Chitown tomorrow - weather is still iffy out here, so haven't gotten to do much outside of nursing my hangover today with some In and Out Burger.

My father owns a share in a Citation Jet so I flew that out here and will be flying it back. Now I haven't flown commercial since right after 9/11, but I can imagine it's little better than it was then. Flying private is the way to go obviously. I was passed out on Bloody mary's by the time we were wheels up in Teterboro. I plan on doing the same on the return. I'll be out on the town tonight with some friends from prep school - and I'll be trolling for hot chicks to invite back on the plane - never had much success at that game - return flight always does me in, but I guess I would have to let them use the plane to fly back? If I run into anyone worthy I may consider that option, though not sure I could swing it without Pops finding out...

What a boring trip

Highlights - late night dorm fun, pretentious LA girls who are about 2 months behind the NYC fashion curve and who are about 2 months ahead of the NYC feeding curve, the flight, watching my cousin strike out repeatedly. Chitown meeting is business in nature - I'll provide more details into what it is "I do" in a future post...

till then


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